ACOP L8 Compliant Legionella Log Books from £18.00

Keeping and maintaining a Legionella Log Book is a requirement of the Health and Safety Executives Approved Code of Practice ACOP L8 and the Department of Health and Social Cares HTM 04-01.  The log book needs to record and contain the required information to demonstrate compliance.

Not keeping an up to date Legionella Log Book is a breech of health and safety law and can leave you liable to fines or enforcement action.


All sites that require a Legionella Risk Assessment are required to maintain a Log Book of some form.


At Water Wise Services LTD we can supply you with a blank Legionella Log Book to suit the requirements of most sites.  Developed by our Trust Mark certified team the Log Book contains record keeping forms and descriptions for;

  • Log Book Reviews
  • Duty Holders Record
  • Responsible Person(s) Record
  • Flushing Infrequently Used Outlets
  • Cold Water Storage Tank Inspections
  • Water Heater Temperature Monitoring
  • Expansion Vessel Monitoring
  • Temperature Monitoring Outlets
  • Cleaning and Descaling Spray Outlets
  • Monitoring Thermostatic Mixing Valves
  • Contractors Log
  • Training Log

Each section gives a brief explaination of the tasks that need to be recorded.  Your Legionella Risk Assessment and Legionella Control Scheme will advise on how often each task should be carried out.  And any Legionella Training should instruct you in carrying out the tasks to the correct standard.  Each section contains two pages, the second page can be copied for additional record keeping.

Buy your Legionella Log Book for £18.00.

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  5. Print or save your log book.
  6. Print of or copy the blank pages as needed.
  7. Carry out and record the required tasks.
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