ACOP L8 Compliant Legionella Maintenance

Poorly maintained systems increase the risk of bacterial growth.  The HSE's ACOP L8, HSG 274 and HTM 04-01 all give guidance on the effective inspection & maintenance measures required to reduce the potential risk of scalding and Legionella bacteria.


All fixtures, fittings and valves have a purpose, for example, thermostatic mixing valves (TMV) mix hot & cold water to reduce the hot water temperature to a safe temperature to wash and bathe in.  However, these "safe" water temperatures fall within the temperature range that could promote bacterial growth.  A failing mixing valve can also increase the risk of scalding.


TMV valves need to be regularly inspected to ensure they are in working order and maintained as required to reduce the potential risk of bacterial growth.


Our service team includes qualified plumbing & heating engineers who are Water Industry Approved making them the ideal people to maintain hot & cold-water fixtures, fittings and valves.  Following a risk assessment our service team will put an inspection plan in place and record all work in the Legionella logbook.

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