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Cleaning & Disinfection

Showers & Cold Water Storage Tanks


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Cold water storage tanks and spray outlets need to be regularly cleaned and disinfected (often referred to as chlorination) at a frequency defined by your risk assessment.  At Water Wise our service team includes Water Industry Approved Plumbers who have been specifically trained to clean & disinfect hot & cold water systems.


Before cleaning your tank we will take water samples.  The samples we take cover Legionella and Water Analysis for other bacteria such as coliforms and E. coli.  These samples allow us to set a benchmark for the condition of your storage tank.  Simply cleaning a tank without taking water samples does not allow you to measure how effective the cleaning has been.


All samples are tested by an independent UKAS accredited laboratory, all test results and tank cleaning come complete with certification.


Spray outlets (usually showers) should be cleaned and disinfected at least once a quarter.  Spray outlets present an increased risk of bacterial growth and a way of disseminating water droplets.  The cleaning & disinfecting of spray outlets includes dismantling spray/shower heads along with associated flexi and hose pipes and is a requirement of the HSE's ACOP L8.

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