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UKAS Accredited Legionella Testing

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As well as having a Legionella Risk Assessment in place you may also have a requirement to carry out Legionella Testing.  We recommend that Legionella Testing be carried out as part of the initial Risk Assessment and then annually thereafter if a need for testing has been identified. 


More regular testing may be advisable depending on the building usage or the outcome of the risk assessment. 


All our water samples (except for same day testing) are tested by a UKAS accredited laboratory as required by the HSE ACOP L8.  Our normal turnaround time for test results is on average 14 days. 


Once testing is complete you are issued with a test certificate and any recommended actions that may be required.


We also offer an onsite same day service but the results of this type of test are limited and do not fully meet the requirements of the ACOP L8.  The test result is nothing more than a yes or no presence of Legionella bacteria.


If either the same day test or UKAS accredited test show a positive result for legionella bacteria further action followed by further testing will be required.

Same Day Testing

Test result in under an hour

Indication of the presence of Group 1 bacteria

Suitable for Low Risk environments

Quick indication for High Risk environments

If test results are positive a full UKAS accredited test should be carried out to fully assess the risk.


UKAS Accredited Testing

Meets the requirements of the ACOP L8

Tests for the full range of Legionella bacteria

A bacteria count gives a true picture of the problem

Suitable for all environments

Common Questions & Answers


Do I Need My Water Testing?  You may not need to have your water tested at all depending on the outcome of the risk assessment.  We do however advise you to have your water tested to fully assess any risk.


Do I Need an Assessment Before Testing?  Yes you do.  Testing water for Legionella without a risk assessment can still leave you liable.


Are We Competent?  To carry out our water testing we use a UKAS accredited laboratory.  UKAS is recognised by government, to assess against internationally agreed standards, organisations that provide certification, testing, inspection and calibration services.


Can You Use Dip Slides/Swabs?  Dip slides & swabs are very usful but they only really give an indication and any positive result would need a sample to be taken anyway.


How Much Does Legionella Testing Cost?  Our minimum test fee is £75.00 which covers the first three UKAS samples taken for testing.  Each additional UKAS sample will cost £25.00.  All same day tests cost £75.00.  Additional costs may apply such as travel.

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