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Carry out your own

Legionella Risk Assessments


Supported by Trust Mark Certified Legionella specialists.  Our service allows letting agents, estate agents and housing associations to carry out their own risk assessments for their customers.

As Lettings Agents you may have a responsibility to your customers to advise them about the requirement of having a Legionella Risk Assessment carried out and reviewed on a regular basis by a competent person.  You may even have your own property portfolio that require risk assessments.


We offer a product specifically for Landlords, Lettings Agents, or organisations with large housing stock such as Housing Associations.  It is designed to be a quick and easy way of meeting your Health & Safety obligations.  Our service allows your letting agents or maintenance teams to carry out Legionella Risk Assessments during regular property visits supported by our Trust Mark Certified Legionella team.


The major benefits to you as Letting Agents is;

  • you can offer another service to your customers making you a more attractive prospect to landlords
  • you can increase your profits as you recharge the work to your customers
  • you are supported by a Trust Mark Certified business

How the Service Works


One of our training team will contact you and arrange to deliver a training package.  The training will explain how to use our service and gather enough information during a visit to allow us to complete a Legionella Risk Assessment for you.  That way you do not need to worry if your conclusions are correct as the information you have gathered is checked by one of our Legionella Team.  It is recommended that the training be carried out at least bi-annually to ensure new staff receive the training and existing staff keep their knowledge up to date.


Using a password protected area on our website specific to your business you complete a form for every property you assess.  The form is accessible on any device able to get the internet.  That form when completed and sent to us at Water Wise is assessed by one of our Legionella Team.  The risk assessment is then completed and emailed to you.


At the end of the month we invoice you for the number of risk assessments you have completed and take payment (usually by direct debit).


Please Note this service is only for low risk domestic properties.  For example it may not suitable for properties with shared services such as flats sharing a hot water supply.

What the Service Costs


The bi-annual training cost is on average around £250.00 per session plus any travelling costs.


The cost per risk assessment is £20.00 per assessment.  This is based on the risk assessment being emailed to you in a PDF format.  If you require hard copy risk assessments, please email us for a quote.


As standard our logo will appear on the risk assessment report.  We can for a one-off fee of £50.00 replace our business logo with your own logo which will then appear on all future risk assessments for your business.

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