Water Wise is a professional plumbing service with that personal touch you get from a family business.  We are located near the M1/M62 motorway junction which allows us to provide services to all of Yorkshire.  All our plumbers & engineers have achieved industry recognized qualifications and have received training from some of the industry's biggest names like Honeywell, Fernox & Cistermiser.  We specialise in plumbing maintenance and ensuring that you have the right product to suit your needs.  So, if you have a failing tap, noisy toilet cistern, high water bills or vulnerable people in your home we can help.


Qualifications & Training


City & Guilds Level 2 & 3 in Plumbing & Heating

NVQ Level 2 & 3 in Plumbing & Heating

BPEC Certified for Unvented Hot Water Systems

BPEC Certified Water Regulations

Fernox PowerFlush

Trained by Honeywell & Cistermiser


Membership of Governing & Professional Bodies


Water Industry Approved Plumber

Chartered Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineering

The Water Management Society

Water Safe Registered

Here are a few examples of some of the work we undertake and the type of systems we fit.


Water Saving Devices

Non Concussive (Push Button) Taps are designed to turn themselves off after a preset length of time.  A great solution if people keep leaving the tap turned on.


Washroom Management Systems can drastically reduce your water bills and help prevent leaks.  There are a wide range of systems available from cistermiser valves which regulate water used to flush urinals through to infrared systems that only allow water into the washroom when activated by movement.


Noisey Toilet Cistern

Normally a noisey cistern is either because of air in the water pipework or high water flow through the fill valve.  There are many types of toilet valves on the market.  Our preferred valve fills very quietly and is suitable for most cisterns and flow rates.


Adaptive Fittings - Making Life Easier

There are hudreds of products on the market to help make life easier and making life easier doesn't have to be expensive.  We fit many products for our customers from push button stop taps/isolation valves to lever handle taps.  If you have a problem then why not email us and see if we have a solution.

Your Water & The Local Water Authority


Most people do not normally have a problem with their water.  Water supplied from the mains supply is regulated and should be what is called "Potable" water meaning it is safe to drink and wash in.  There are however regional differences in water types, taste and smell.  Any immediate concern should be reported to your local water authority as they are legally responsible for the mains supply.  If however the issue falls within your property boundary you may have to pay to correct any defect.


Your local water authority can provide you with a free report on water quality in the area and if you wish test your water (there may be a fee for this).  If you are unhappy with their response you can contact the Drinking Water Inspectorate who will try and work the the water authority to resolve your complaint.  If you want to have your wested tested independently we can help and advise you on the test results.

Our Water Testing Service


If you want to have your water tested independently we can help.  We can arrange to call your your property, take a sample(s) of water to be tested by a UKAS Accredited Laboratory.  Once the test is complete you will be issued with a report about your water quality.  If you are interested in our testing service email us for a quote.


Even when your water meets the legal standards it doesn't mean your water is right for you and your needs.  You may have hard or soft water.  You may even have a reaction to substances in your water such as chlorine, metals and minerals although this is rare.  For some people even the acidity or alkalinity of water can be an issue.  If you have problems with your water even though it meets the legal supply standards we may be able to help.

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