Ensure your water is safe for the purpose it is being used for.  UKAS Accredited Water Testing for Lakes, Rivers, Ponds, Taps, Showers, Hot Tubs and Swimming Pools.

All water can be a potential risk to health if it is not being managed correctly.  Water in lakes, rivers, ponds, fountains, tanks, hot tubs and swimming pools are just some of the types of water that we test to ensure they meet the required standards and do not present a risk to health. 


Most types water in the UK fall under the responsibility of local water authorities and private water supplies are usually tested by environmental health agencies.  Some water is the responsibility of organisations like British Waterways or the Canal & River Trust.  When water crosses your properties boundary you normally become responsible for any leaks, bacteria or contamination caused whilst on your property. 


Not all bacteria are the same and will affect different people in different ways.  Some bacteria and contamination can cause health issues by simply coming into contact with it, some bacteria will only become a problem when it is ingested and others when they are inhaled.  We offer a range of testing options to ensure your water meets the correct standards depending on the type of water.

Private Water Sources

Wells, springs & bore holes are all private water supplies and must meet strict guidelines for drinking water.  A risk assessment must be carried out for the water source along with regular testing.


Most private water supplies need to be filtered before the water can be used.  Filtering systems need to be regularly maintained.


Water should be tested at its source to bench mark its quality and after it is filtered to ensure that the filtering process is being effective.


Testing is normally carried out several times a year by local Environmental Health Dept's who will test the water for bacteria and contamination.

Microbiological Analysis

Your local water authority has a legal responsibility to supply water that is "potable" meaning is it fit for human consumption.


Once water crosses your property boundary you become responsible for its quality.  Water tanks, outside taps and faulty or leaking pipework can all increase the risk of contamination.


Microbiological analysis tests for the presence of coliform and E. coli bacteria none of which should be present in potable water.


Coliform and E. coli bacteria in water is normally linked to animal waste entering the water system.  It can even be caused by something as simple as an animal licking a tap.

Swimming Pool's and Hot Tubs

Water used in any type of pool or hot tub requires regular testing.


Hot tubs have been linked to a significantly high number of cases of bacterial infection.  This is mainly due to how hot tubs work & poor maintenance.  The warm water increases the possibility of bacterial growth.  As well as ingestible bacteria water jets increase the potential risk of breathing in bacteria though water droplets and causing further infections.


The communal use of pools and hot tubs and the length of time the water is used increases the potential risk.


The regular testing & maintenance of these systems is essential.

Outside & Recreational Water

All outside water systems are going to contain bacteria.  They are also at risk of contamination caused waste, sewage and illegal dumping.


In water systems where there is not regular water movement or where water can be affected by temperature extremes you can expect to find increased levels of bacterial growth.


Whoever owns the water has a responsibility to ensure the water is properly managed and does not present a risk to health.


Where water systems are used for recreational purposes such as kayaking or open water swimming the owners of the water need to take additional measures to ensure safety.

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