ACOP L8 UKAS Accredited Legionella Testing from £25.00 per sample

As well as having a Legionella risk assessment in place you may also have a need to carry out Legionella testing.  The need for testing is usually identified in the risk assessment or during routine control and prevention measures.  For most sites Legionella testing is not required unless a specific risk has been identified.  However, regular Legionella testing is recommended for sites which present an increased risk such as care homes, hospitals, dental and GP surgeries.


There are a many types of Legionella bacterial strains, some are more common or harmful than others.  Not all testing options on the market cover the full range of Legionella bacteria or show the level of bacteria is in the water system.  Identifying the type and levels of bacteria is extremely important as it dictates the required remedial, control and prevention measures.  All water samples should be tested by a UKAS accredited laboratory as required by the HSE's ACOP L8.  Same day or onsite testing options only give an indication of the presence of some Legionella bacterial strains.  They do not give a bacterial count and are subject to uncontrolled test conditions.  Some service providers are also incorrectly using Dip Slides to test hot & cold water systems.  Dip slides should only be used to test for aerobic bacteria in water used in cooling systems and not in hot & cold water systems.

Our Legionella Testing Service


When identifying where to take samples from we will look at the recommendations in the risk assessment as well as the records kept in the Legionella logbook.  Where the correct water temperatures are not consistently achieved, we will recommend testing at those locations.


Legionella Testing from £25.00 - Fully accredited test results in around 14 days.  Covers the full range of Legionella bacteria.


Legionella Swab Analysis from £25.00 - Test results in around 14 days.  Ideal to test shower heads and other areas where taking a water samples may be difficult.  Please note this is not a UKAS accredited test.


PCR Analysis from £300.00 - Fully accredited test results in 2 to 3 days.  Best used in outbreak or emergency situations.


Our minimum test fee is £95.00+vat which covers the first three samples taken for testing, each additional sample will cost £25.00. (not including PCR analysis).  Additional costs may apply such as travel.


All samples are tested by an independant UKAS Accredited Laboratory  Once testing is complete you are issued with a test certificate and any recommended actions that may be required.  Our Legionella test certificates come with built-in document control stating how long the test certificate needs to be retained for and when the next sample should be taken.

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